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Cres y Illmind - No matter what (con Seer)

Portada de 'Cres y Illmind - Hybr!d'
Álbum: Hybr!d
Letras: Más letras del álbum
Lanzamiento: 2014
Publicada: el 15 de Diciembre del 2015
Lecturas: 731
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This is kinda like a bomb threat, but wit-out da kinda.
If I see a 10 cat cypha all I see is a dinner; I´mma eat ´em all.
Carnivore rhymer. Couple´ rhymes are a couple holes on ´em.
I collect wack rappers, put in a binder.
Now I´m looking the sunrise, thinking, wow...
how the fuck I got this nice!! How the fuck I levitate on a wave sound!!
Now I make ´em pray, pay the price of turning me down.
What I gotta say to them? Nothing, I don´t need to.
I´mma keep hustling hard, shit, I went in deep too.
No guns, no drugs, straight up work.
Built my own funds, all to make it up to New York...
All to make it up to this point.
I ain´t gonna let you take a hit of this joint; I rolled it.
So I´mma pass it to the people that helped me, that felt me...
you´ve done nuttin, ´the fuck you wanna sell me? Bitch!

Cause all is a matter of time.
They say that no matter what, everybody is gonna finish up the same way.
Y algunos todavía no lo comprendéis,
that I´mma live my life and I´mma write my story.
Before I go to heaven or hell, I´m gonna make sure to take my glory.

Lose some win some no distinction. Failure is victory that's a wisdom
sometimes dumb is wise don't over think love flapping your wings until the wind
comes big dreams think tons till scale is broke quotes in brail, blind in museum.
Hope is a weak fire in a strong rain need discipline can't be tripping over small things.
Didn't do cause you wanna did it cause you had ta,
fuck chatter only action moves you up the ladder.
Invisible rungs your foot slips but good grip hanging on by one hand
handed the short stick got the small straw took a big sip obsessed
with the blessing like cres is.
Accept nothing less always do this shit regardless of the outcome.

Not just survive, I'm gonna thrive more than a little...
more than a little.
Part of me died, my soul revived and I'm stronger now...
And I'm stronger now.

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