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J. Higgz - Scenario 2021

J. Higgz - Scenario 2021
Álbum: Ill beats & Bad habits
Letras: Más letras del álbum
Lanzamiento: 2021
Publicada: el 2 de Marzo del 2021
Lecturas: 620
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[Intro] (x4)
This is bigger than rap,
mother fucker where you at...

[J Higgz]
Big up, big up, I'm the new dope dealer,
straight to the veins of the feens in the building,
like Wu Tang, Yung Ceaser is 4 the children,
put on 4 the youts yung blood raise the ceiling,
a boom box ruler controls the medulla,
none come cooler, I'm in tip top shape pockets on tumor,
fat mother fucker with the barz call me buddha,
click clack the ruger,
I gotta get it my talent is undeniable,
keep it in my own hands their palms are unreliable,
everytime I breathe on a track that shit's a fireball,
aimed at your temple, fuck your credentials,
step to the cypher better bring the essentials,
I could give a fuck about whose hot or whose not,
make the wrong choice and mother fucker then you got,
6 million ways to die, choose one, prah...

[Estribillo] (x2)
6 million ways to die, choose one,
yung Caesar the prolific son, unique one...

[J Higgz]
This is bigger than rap mother fucker here is the proof,
riding down the avenue fingers out roof,
screaming "fuck, everybody in my way here is the noose",
if I don't like your energy then it's never deuce,
I do this for my blood I ain't talking soo woo,
family first mother fucker what it do,
try and touch mine imma take them to the zoo,
you don't wanna catch me late night cooking in the stu,
barz on deck mother fucker I go beyond,
everything you bitch mother fuckers think you be on,
they make one hit and thats the shit they go cling on,
something really stinks but I spinks like leon,
they told me dumb it down mother fucker I ain't been on,
any bandwagon give me something I can sin on,
this is that new lane most you all spin offs,
copy of a copy thats been copied twice get off...
my mother fucking dick that's word to J Cole,
never lost track since I was like a day old,
and I keep close to the fire but I stay cold,
they be with that childs play como el recreo,
joven visionario mother fucker soy el CEO,
ando lowkey pero créeme que te veo,
cada vez que engancho estos beat es un KO,
directo al grano, yo nunca rodeo, check the record...

[Estribillo] (x2)
6 million ways to die, choose one,
yung Caesar the prolific son, unique one...

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