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Sherk - Right over here

Álbum: Sin álbum
Letras: Más letras sueltas del artista
Lanzamiento: 2009
Publicada: el 17 de Diciembre del 2009
Lecturas: 1.002

I have a weird feeling writing in this country
Actually I do cause it’s a costume party
Trying to settle down my choices and my boundaries
But decisions are impossible under the press’ of sorcery

There are times when I’m alone and think
Of family, friends, music, the crew of men in pink
Today it’s a grey morning and I sink in this ink
‘Cause with the other side of the sea I can’t cut my links

As far as I see, a philosophy I won’t miss
Spending the day on flirting with anything that breaths
Then the opposite face like the beauty and the beast
Make sense please! Respect, love and peace

Children aren’t allowed to eat their chewing gum
But run to the shop and choose the favourite gun
This fog, this smoke don’t let me see the sun
Happiness is hiding while listening ban!

Maybe I misunderstand the president… his bag
That’s why I don’t praise and feel proud of your flag
That powerful flag due to millions of deaths
The nation won’t make sure you’re safe in your bed
My choice under black clouds, my heart is still red
I have to work hard if I wanna win my bread
I said what hurts me isn’t the culture and jet lag
It’s the lack of hospitals… abundance of big macs

American lifestyle moves around ads and fashion
If I live in a country house you must buy a mansion
Terrifying is the way this kingdom achieve expansion
By killing my sweet dreams made with love and passion

No compassion is shown by leaders and priests
But they won’t steal my mind and faith at least
Faith towards music giving life to this artist
If it refuses you, you’d rather not insist

Don’t know why I carry this weight on my shoulders
I think about the large amount of dead soldiers
Freedom is my leader and not your leader’s orders
I feel weak when you search in my heart every corner

My life is lived as a symphony in symmetry
What I do to the others will be done to me
Present bring your past if once you went beyond limit
But I look positive process from human to hybrid

I’m sick I see the actor singing rap for handicap
Gangstas criticize wearing Hilfiger and gap
A race is finished when you’re the first the final lap
I’ve real friends but others bought them in a pack

It’s the same in a couple both say you’re wonderful
But one takes the control and the other follows the rules
There is an alternative to the settled schedule
Only a few people difference between must and should

I feel this beat, so excited when we meet
It makes me throw away all of this shit
Rising the level of the culture in streets
Show respect be honest and avoid the other’s feet

I go out to the street and it’s always the same
Show me the top and I’ll walk my way to fame
Life flows inside me skipping stones as a river
I only need feelings, don’t offer me your silver

I listen to my heart instead of a trend
A message to your garbage is what I send
Each culture searchs goods from their outlook to defend
But you can’t pretend… one day I’ll be legend

I’m right over here, can’t be any other place
The way you look at me is the best taste
Your mirrors are so filthy that I don’t see my face
My style is free, I’ll be wind in this race

So… I try to fly with given broken wings
To go away and leave behaviour of human being
Take out greed you wear it as a ring
Are you a singular single? Only sing

Now I think about happy younger years
So far as time passed by I wish they were near
The only feeling was you dear but soon became into fear
Whispering in your ears, please spill no tears

Standing alone in my kingdom of silence and ice
didn’t see your love hiding but now I rise
Space without limits, my body is the device
And find whatever you want is my best advice

This is not your home, not your world,
still keeping original while others are sold
They talk about topics that never have been told
Do you dare to come with me to the place where we belong?

Routine is so heavy as swimming by crol
refusing your ideals, I don’t look for gold
Would you mind taking me out of this mold
Stranger, foreigner? You can call me cold

Pero qué digo si soy español
Desde crío soy más frío cuanto más me acerco al sol
Cuántos ven el amor como un juego de rol
Y solo veo gol- golfos en calles drogas y alcohol

Sam y Bush recuerdan el 11S nunca olvidarán
A San obús disteis cuerda con mano dura sin parar
Now listen to me men, leave it to Obama and shut up
Que medio mundo cada día te partiría la cara

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